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Automatic Application Performance Monitoring For Any Architecture on Any Cloud.

Chicago, Illinois 60606, United States
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Instana ensures that your application delivery organization has the data, visibility and information they need to manage the performance of critical business applications across the DevOps lifecycle.

Built to handle the dynamic nature of containerized, microservice architectures, Instana automates infrastructure and application monitoring helping you to ensure the performance and quality of custom applications and accelerate your CI/CD cycle.

Our product vision: Auto Discover EverythingRealtime DataNo ConfigurationNo Impact on Applications, Prediction of Incidents and Exact Understanding, requires us to innovate every aspect of our solution. Every layer of our product; our Agent technology, our APM tracing technology, our compression technology, our streaming technology, our data storage technology, our knowledge learning & persistence technology, and finally our GUI technology is leveraging state of the art techniques and frameworks.

No matter how often you deploy, Instana will automatically monitor and trace every request through your microservices, end-to-end – no code changes required.

Lessons from the Unicorn Project

Gene Kim, CTO, Researcher and Author of The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project, alongside Pavlo Baron, Instana CTO, discuss the challenges organizations face when adopting the Five Ideals, and how value stream mapping can help businesses understand where their efforts will result in the best return.

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