Weaveworks - Automate Enterprise Kubernetes the GitOps way

Weaveworks makes it fast and simple for developers and DevOps teams to build and operate powerful containerized applications.

The Weave Cloud operations-as-a-service platform provides a continuous delivery pipeline for building and operating applications, letting teams connect, monitor and manage microservices and containers on any server or public cloud. Weaveworks also contributes to several open source projects, including Weave Scope, Weave Cortex and Weave Flux.

Founded in 2014, the Company is backed by Google Ventures and Accel Partners, and was one of the first members of the Cloud Native Computing Forum.

Comprehensive Kubernetes Management

Weave Cloud minimizes the complexity of operating Kubernetes clusters with automated continuous delivery pipelines, observability and Prometheus monitoring.

Their developer centric approach to operations allows developers and operators to:

  1. Ship faster with version controlled continuous delivery.
  2. Run efficiently with full-stack observability through workload dashboards and alerts.
  3. Diagnose application performance issues in real time with troubleshooting dashboards.
  4. Operate confidently using developer tools you love and understand.

Weave Cloud’s multi-tenant, scalable Prometheus service allows for auto-generated charts with resource usage over time across workloads and clusters. A sophisticated alerting system combined with your favorite notification tool allow developers and operators to quickly drill-down and identify root cause and immediately eliminate issues.

Weave Flux

Weave Flux enables GitOps deployment and natively understands how to manage deployments on Kubernetes, automating the staging and release of containers to Kubernetes, as well as services, deployments, network policies and even Istio routing rules.

It can be seen as a leaner, Kubernetes-native alternative to Spinnaker.

Weaveworks enables the GitOps core machinery is in its CI/CD tooling with the critical piece being continuous deployment (CD) that supports Git-cluster synchronization, and they offer training and professional services to support it’s implementation.

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