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How Netflix Thinks of DevOps

In this video, Mr.Dave Hahn briefs about how one completely interpret the concept of DevOps by taking Netflix as its case study.

This is mainly because the software engineering process of Netflix shows a primary understanding of DevOps thinking and also focuses on attributes in an automated fashion. He beings by showcasing scenarios and news that indicate that Netflix is down.

At 2:50, he beings stating that Netflix is a large data & telemetry company which has the byproduct of streaming video over the internet. He adds that Netflix is global and is currently available in over 190 countries. 

Primary Components of Netflix

At 3:19, Mr. Dave briefs that Netflix has a large infrastructure in Amazon Web Services where the compute and storage is done. He adds that Akamai is responsible for handling the user interface and small assets while Netflix open connect takes care of handling the video bits. At 6:19, he explains that Netflix is a large micro-services infrastructure. He further adds that Netflix is made of 100’s of microservices, 1000’s of daily production changes and nearly tens of thousands of instances running inside Amazon. At 10:29, he emphasizes not to uptime at all costs. He adds that it is not required during many scenarios of software development

At  10:45, he briefs it is vital to carry task with an extended velocity of innovation. He adds that new ways need to be incorporated to bring in new advanced features. He elaborates that some amount of uptime needs to be traded to keep in pace with the velocity of innovation.

At 15:22, Mr. Dave explains that the software engineers at Netflix focus on writing tools. He further adds that at Netflix, role-specific hiring happens. At 17:09, he also explains that another advantage of being a part of Netflix is that you own the things which you build. The authority to run the code is offered to the person who builds it.

DevOps Hiring at Netflix

At 20:28, Mr. Dave briefs that at 2015, Netflix completely moved from data centers to the cloud and that was a vital transition. He further adds that so much of research is done on the data to find out facts regarding customer’s likes and priorities.

The approach employed at Netflix is completely data-driven. At 23:39, he explains that people with the right mindset and those who fit into the right culture would be hired at Netflix. He elaborates that the result of the Netflix culture looks a lot like DevOps.

At 23:52, he briefs that DevOps is a wonderful result of the healthy culture and thinking. He also concludes his talk by explaining the general hiring process that happens at Netflix. He emphasizes that the skills, knowledge, practical, logical thinking, the culture will be testest for all of the role-specific positions.

The team of Netflix focuses on quality attributes, hiring innovative DevOps specialists and helping them to make maximum use of the culture. Make sure to keep yourself updated with the open position at the official website of Netflix.

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