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Cloud Native Architecture and Solutions

Expert guide to modernizing software development through a microservices architecture, Kubernetes containers and Continuous Deployment practices.

Best Practices

Microservices Architecture

Software composed of small independent services that communicate over well-defined APIs. 

Container Management

Container management refers to a set of practices that govern and maintain containerization software.

Continuous Deployment

A strategy where code commits are automatically released into the production environment.

Expert Blogs

Regular news and insights covering:

Enterprise vision

Industry keynotes share their vision for the transformation of enterprise IT.

Case studies

How organizations like the BBC are building scalable digital platforms with Serverless.

Microservices architecture

Experts walk through how to architect and implement a microservices strategy.


GitOps is an approach based on using Git as the central, single source of truth for application development and deployment.

Service providers

Cloud Native service features offered by AWS, Google and Microsoft.

Developer trends

How Cloud Native intersects with other key technology trends such as Low Code development.

Solution Guides

Ebooks draw together best practices and vendor capabilities from across the knowledge base and direct them towards specific use case scenarios.

Netflix offers the defining case study model for a ‘Cloud Native’ approach to enterprise technology.

Telecommunications is an industry embracing Cloud Native to modernize their digital service platforms.

Vendor Directory

Weaveworks empowers enterprises to unlock cloud agility and customer value with GitOps.

Open source enterprise-grade container platform with full-stack automated IT operation.

Kasten is the leader in Kubernetes Backup and Disaster Recovery.

Nirmata is an enterprise Kubernetes operations & management platform.

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