Building the Cloud Native Telco

Architecture for Hyper-Scale CSPs

Netflix pioneered the defining case study model for a ‘Cloud Native’ approach to enterprise technology.

Now industries like telecommunications are seeking to replicate the same cutting edge approach of microservices software architecture and hyper-scale computing, to replicate the platform for high velocity digital innovation and global service delivery it enables: The Cloud Native Telco.

Our case studies of pioneers like Vodafone, Orange and Rakutan demonstrate how each is approaching it with different objectives including operational cost efficiency, accelerated software development or digital ecosystem enablement, all achievable from the same common model.

Through documentation of technical standards from key industry experts like the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and a roundup of vendor capabilities, our guide offers a blueprint for CSPs to define and implement their own Cloud Native Telco strategy.


AWS is expanding into the telecomms market via a multi-pronged strategy encompassing direct services and partner solutions.

Microsoft has acquired a deep Telco expertise and launched a solution set tailoring Azure for Cloud Native 5G networking.

VMware is helping Telcos like Rogers, Telia and Dish to Deploy 5G Cloud Native Network architecture, with a supporting partner ecosystem for onboarding and certifying CNFs.

Nirmata is an enterprise Kubernetes operations & management platform, designed to reduce complexity and drive DevOps agility.

Kubermatic enables service providers to run 5G from the cloud to the core data center to the edge on Kubernetes.

KubeSphere is an open source enterprise-grade container platform with full-stack automated IT operation and streamlined DevOps workflows.

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